Bear Babe Ruth League

2024 Spring


Welcome to the 2024 Bear Babe Ruth Spring Season!

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or ACH Bank Account information available.


Registration Information



Baseball: T-Ball (A Ball ages 4-6), Rookie/Machine Pitch (AA Ball ages 6-8), Minors 46/60 (AAA ages 8-10), Majors 50/70 (ages 10-12), Seniors 60/90 (ages 13-16), Super Seniors (ages 16-18)


Boundary Rule for Bear Babe Ruth League, Inc.:

You may sign your child(ren) up to play at Bear Babe Ruth if you live within our boundaries, or if the school you child attends for the current school year falls within our boundaries.  Note: This excludes home schools, cyber schools, sports-related schools, sports academies, or after school where a student participates outside of the primary school in which the player is enrolled. Once a player selects to participate in a league where the player is eligible, the player must finish the current season in the same league under the school boundary rule.  Please contact Evan Grabowski at  with questions.


****** Important Note about League Boundaries & Registration Messages ******

If you are receiving an error message when you attempt to register but feel your child(ren) qualify to play for Bear Babe Ruth due to school boundary rule, playing for our league last season, or grandfather rule, please email Evan Grabowski at   to ask for help with any questions on this and/or completing your registration.

If you receive a message stating that your address needs to be verified, you need to submit a “proof of residence” document (electric/gas bill, water bill, utility bill, cable bill, etc., that has the company’s name, your name, and your home address clearly written on it).  If you are registering based on the “school boundary”, you will need to provide proof of school attendance.  Please do remember that any new player to the league still needs to provide a copy of each child’s birth certificate for the league to keep on file.

If you have any questions, please email Evan Grabowski at  


Please read each description below and give some thought to which division is the best fit for your child prior to registering.



Playing Age





4 to 6

A (T-Ball)

This division is our first introduction to baseball and combines players hitting off of a tee and/or coaches pitching to the batters. Games will be played on our all-dirt infield "A" ball field located right next to the Snack Shack. Special Requests will try to be honored but are not guaranteed.  This is considered a non-competitive division.



6 to 8

AA (Rookie/Machine Pitch)

This is our machine pitch division.  This is an instructional division where players are rotated through defensive positions frequently.  The batting order will always involve the entire team.  Special Requests will try to be honored but are not guaranteed.  There are no playoffs for this division.  This is considered a non-competitive division.



8 to 10

AAA (Minors)


A competitive division where the kids get their first exposure of live pitching from other players.  The bases are set to 60 feet and the pitching rubber is set to 46 feet.  There is no leading or pitcher balks in this division.  Teams are selected via a live draft; therefore, special requests are not accepted for this division.  All players are eligible to be nominated for state all-star teams.



10 to 12

Majors 50/70

Our 50/70 division is the most competitive of the “Cal Ripken” (Ages 4 to 12) divisions.  The bases (70’) and pitching rubber (50’) distances are increased.  Runners are able to lead-off and pitchers pitch from the stretch with runners on base.  This division’s objective is to help the player transition to the 13-15 Babe Ruth level where the game is played on a bigger field (90’ bases and 60’6” pitching).  Teams are selected by each manager via a live draft; therefore, special requests are not accepted for this division.



13 to 16


This division is a competitive division.  The game is played on a bigger field with the bases at 90' and the pitching rubber at 60'6".  Teams are selected by each manager via a draft.



16 to 18

Super Seniors

This division is a competitive division.  The game is played on a bigger field with the bases at 90' and the pitching rubber at 60'6".  More information on team selections and play dates to come.  Any specific questions, please contact Brian Gable or the Division Coordinator.



Special Requests

Special requests in the A and AA (for baseball)  consist of the following:  Asking to be on the same team as another player and/or being on a certain coach’s team.  It may also include to NOT be on the same team as another player and/or coach.  We do our best to fulfill every request but that is not always possible, so these special requests ARE NOT GUARANTEED.


VOLUNTEERS – Please Read:

Any volunteer position will require you to sign up as yourself (add yourself as an adult in your account).  We no longer have the option to mark volunteer assignments under your child’s registration.  This is so we can more easily report on volunteer names and do not accidentally miss anyone due to multiple ways of signing up for a volunteer position.

Additionally, all volunteers will be required to complete a background check through our registration site.  The registration site allows us to do this as a mandatory step.  The safety of the children who play in our league is of the utmost importance, and we are entrusting that safety to all of the volunteers in our league.  In addition to these volunteer positions, all members of the Board of Directors are also required to complete a background check.  Should you pass the background check and for some reason are not selected to be a manager, rostered coach, umpire, or other position for our league.  Your privacy is also very important, so only three people will receive the result of the background check.  The first is you, second is the league president (Evan Grabowski), and the third is the league's background check coordinator (Sean Brown).  If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact Evan Grabowski at , OR your division coordinator whose name can be found on the league website under the Division Coordinators link.


Manager = Manager of a team.  You’re in charge.  You schedule and run the practices with help from our and your coaches.  You set the lineup and determine substitutions throughout the game.  You will be in contact with the division coordinator throughout the season for any changes/issues/questions about your team or the league in general.  As the manager of the team, you are guaranteed to have you own child(ren) on your team.


Coach = Team coach who assists the manager with running the team.  Responsibilities will be delegated to you by the team manager.


Team Parent/Designated Helper = Team helper for non-game activities.  These activities can include, raking/dragging the field after practices or games, lining foul lines, putting out/bringing in bases, etc.


Umpire = Game umpire for baseball (AAA 46/60, Majors 50/70, Seniors 60/90, and Super Seniors) and softball (Minors, Majors and Seniors).  Umpires are paid a fee for each game.  You will work with the League Umpire Coordinator (both senior umpires and junior umpires) throughout the season for scheduling.


Auxiliary Committee = We need volunteers at time to help with miscellaneous events held at our complex and other places. Please let us know if you are interested in helping. 


Other = If there is another position not listed, please select this option and place a note in the box explaining how you would like to help out the league and a member of the Board of Directors will contact you.


Please make sure to read all included as it may affect you.

Online Account:  In order to register for this coming season, you must register your player(s) in the Sports Engine registration database.  This database is the primary means of us contacting you with important information throughout the season, so please keep your contact information (especially e-mail address) current.  Bear Babe Ruth League does not share this information with any other organization.  Note:  Select the words “click here” next to “Forgot my password” to have your password sent to the email address on file.


Playing Age: Playing age for baseball is determined by the player’s age on April 30, 2024.   See the chart below depicting options for each age group.  


Registration: The respective division(s) your child(ren) is eligible for will be available based on the player’s “playing age”.  We will use this registration selection to group divisions for skill assesment.  Those that have registered in the AAA 46/60 division will be assesed as a group and will ONLY be eligible for that division (not the 50/70 division).  Registering your 10 year old for the 50/70 division is not a guarantee that they will be selected for that division.  If we receive more registrations than we have spaces to fill our teams, it is possible your 10 year old could be moved to the AAA 46/60 division if they are not drafted during the Major 50/70 draft. 


Skills Assesment:  Skills assesment for  AAA 46/60 Baseball, and Major 50/70 Baseball divisions will be held at a time and place TBD. Your child's assesment time will be emailed to you the week before the assesment.  Skills Assesment for Senior Baseball and Super Senior Baseball will be held at a later date.  We will update this site and our league website as soon as we confirm dates and places for those assesments. 


All-Star Eligibility (baseball): To be eligible for the 8 and 9 year old all-star teams, the player MUST play in the AAA 46/60 division. All players that are 10 years old, whether playing in AAA 46/60 or Majors 50/70, are eligible to be nominated for all-stars. To be eligible for the 11 and 12 year old all-star teams, the player MUST play in the Major 50/70 division


Payment/Fees:  Visa and Masteercard Credit/Debit Cards (to make a payment via check, please contact Amy Crew .


Early Registration Discount: Any player registration made on or before January 14, 2024, will receive a $10 discount to that family’s order.  This is a one-time discount (not per player).  (Early Registration discount excludes the "A" Baseball Division)


Team Manager Discount: 50% off your first player's registration for all registered team managers who fulfill season requirements! You MUST register in the system as a manager. *Managers must attend 75% of games and practices to receive reimbursement at the end of the season. *All managers are subject to manager review by BBR board. *In the event of more managers than teams in a division, 1 manager will be selected by the BBR board based on seniority, experience, etc. (Cannot be combined with any other discount discount). 50% Credit will be issued at the end of the spring season assuming all manager criteria are met by the end of the managed season. 


Multi-Player Discount: If you have more than one child playing in our league you will receive one of the following discounts: $10 off for registering a second child.  $20 off for registering a third child ($30 total discount).   $50 off for registering a fourth child ($80 total discount).  $50 off for each additional child above four children.




Registration Fee

(Discounts not included)

Fundraiser Fee ($50) +

Admin Fee

(Added one time per family,

not per player)

Late Fee applies

on or after Mar 8th

per player



add $50


AA Baseball


add $50


AAA 46/60 and Major 50/70 Baseball                                                        


add $50


Senior Baseball


add $50


Super Senior Baseball


Fundraiser does not apply



Question about registration costs, and/or Fundraising Fee?  Please contact Evan Grabowski at .


Refund Policy:  Bear Babe Ruth League will offer a full refund less a $25 administrative fee to any parent/guardian whose child is withdrawn from the league prior to the respective deadline.  Any refund requested for a registered player after the skills assesment, team selections, or March 3rd (whichever comes first depending on the division), will be denied.  Any exceptions to this refund policy must be approved by the Bear Babe Ruth Board of Directors.  Please email a detailed reason to the League President who will submit to the Board for approval/rejection.


1) Day before the skills assesment date for divisions with players selected by draft (Baseball AAA 46/60, Major 50/70, Senior 60/90 and Super Seniors)


2) March 15th or team selection (whichever comes first) for all other divisions (including Baseball A, AA )


Refunds will be processed back to the credit card used during the registration.  If not available, a check will be cut and mailed within two weeks of the approved request. 


Refunds approved by the Board of Directors as an exception to the rules above are done so under the condition that the child's team uniform is returned to Bear Babe Ruth in its new, unworn condition.  Uniforms, not returned in a new condition are subject to having the cost deducted from the refund. 


Mandatory Fundraising: We require a $50 Fundraising Fee per family.  Each family will receive discount cards that contain discounts to various local businesses on them which can be sold for $10 each. Because this fee is paid up front, after you have sold the cards, you keep the money. The league will notify you when and how the cards will be distributed, most likely sometime in March, and no later than Opening Day.


Mission Statements:

Babe Ruth League, Inc.
The Babe Ruth Baseball/Softball program, using regulation competitive baseball and softball rules, teaches skills, mental and physical development, a respect for the rules of the game, and basic ideals of sportsmanship and fair play. In all aspects, Babe Ruth League, Inc., is committed to providing our participants the very best educational, sports experience possible. It is our fundamental belief that every child with a desire to play baseball or softball be afforded that opportunity.

Bear Babe Ruth
Bear Babe Ruth founded its league on the guiding principles of the Babe Ruth League, Inc., Mission Statement. We are a league that upholds a strict Code of Conduct by stressing the importance of sportsmanship, character, and ethical behavior with our Board of Directors, Managers, Coaches, Players, and Parents. Bear Babe Ruth will continue to support the community by welcoming new players and families into the league, thus providing the boys and girls of our community the opportunity to play baseball and softball. We will continue to raise the bar on the quality of the league and will strive to be considered the “Best Game in Town.”


Please direct questions to:

Evan Grabowski


Phone: 13023542931